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Testing Requiurements | Tukong Moosul Lessons SmartForceTM Training    
Tukong Moosul
There are many seminars given by many Martial Arts Masters every week all over the United States. But there is only one that has been designed by a Master chosen to help design programs for elite special forces units.   There is only one that was created specifically to quickly give people immediate skills to handle personal combat situations.  

Make no mistake about this program.  It is not designed for self-defense as other programs are.  It is designed to give you control over intense situations.  This control is gained by learning and understanding principles of the techniques AND the applications.

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  • Single Opponent
    • Escape & Evade
    • This section teaches how to release common holds & grabs used to restrain or capture.
    • This section is used when you do not have to stay and defend someone else.
  • Single Opponent
    • Confront & Control
    • This sections teaches how to release and reverse common holds and grabs used to restrain and capture.
    • These techniques are used when you must stay and protect someone or something.
  • Multiple Opponents
    • Confront & Control
    • This section teaches multiple attacker tactics and strategies.
    • These techniques can be control and delay or control and conquer.
  • Opponent with Knife
    • Defend & Disarm
    • This section teaches several effective tactics and techniques for knife defense and disarming an attacker
    • These are advanced techniques that should be practiced until the student is fluid and smooth.
  • Handgun Retention
    • Retain & Control
    • This section teaches how to retain control of your weapon when attackers try to take it.  It also teaches tactics and techniques for disarming during a gun attack.
    • These tactics are advanced, but easily learned after the other sections.
  • Street Fighting
    • Weapons & Tactics
    • This section teaches gang mentality and street fighting strategies and tactics.
    • This section is a Must to change the way you see the streets from a combat viewpoint.  You learn to change your mind set and attitude about your environment.

These 6 areas cover almost every situation faced by law enforcement and protection specialists. The skills and immediate use techniques taught, give you the potential ability to control a situation that could turn fatal without the proper training.

Today, unfortunately, with little thought, people are shot or stabbed for almost nothing by strangers or even friends and relatives.    The terms "car jacking" and "home invasion" were not known 10 years ago.  Now, everyone is aware that people take cars at gun and knife point.   Many have heard of how bold assailants burst into a home in broad daylight then rape and/or rob and/or murder their victims without regret.  These are extreme situations that call for better training than what you get going to an aerobics class or lifting weights at the gym.  Quoting statistics will only show everyone needs to know personal combat techniques.

Police, firemen, military, emergency rescue, and teachers all face many situations every week that need more training than they are given in personal combat.  This program was designed to give them the skills and training to have many more options in a tense and possible fatal situation. 

There are many programs teaching self-defense,  but none  will teach the skills and abilities like a personal combat program "SmartForce".

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