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Tukong Moosul
We have 6 different programs to choose from. See our Programs Information Page for descriptions on what we offer.

Each Program is different in what is offered.  

We have Month-to-Month, No Contract  payment plans.

For those who are more serious and committed, we have payment plans that provide discounts off the Month-to-Month. They are:

  • 3 months - No Initiation fee
  • 6 months - No Initiation fee + 1 Free month
  • 1 year  - No Initiation fee + 3 Free months

These programs have monthly payments between $50 - $90 a month.

All come with a 100 Money Back Guarantee. 

Different programs have different requirements such as.  The SmartForce program is an intensive 16-18 hour course that is a flat $350 per student. The SlimForce program is a 6 week program for $99 - $150 depending on if you get the digital pager assistant or not. (check our program descriptions for each program).

For the very serious, we have a COMPLETELY FREE training course. If you are VERY DEDICATED and VERY SERIOUS and want to become a Tukong Black Belt Instructor then you can train absolutely FREE


History | Programs | Schedule | Staff | Pricing | Links | Contact | Map

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